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Why Do I Need Footpads?

The use of padding on the foot and in shoes is a very easy and practical way to quickly obtain relief from common foot pains. 

The choice of padding materials is very individual, however the goals of padding are universal.    The primary goal is to quickly and effectively alleviate pain.  Other goals include improvement of foot function and to decrease pressure and friction in problem areas on the foot.

Which footpad material is best for my problem?

 The material choices for footpads are:

  1. Felt
  2. Foam
  3. Moleskin
  4. Gel

The ultimate answer as to the best and most effective footpad material is there is no correct answer.   It is a preference and very individual .  The footpads you will find at are in most cases available in felt, foam, and gel.  

The concept behind our Foot pain relief kits is that you will have access to the different material choices without having to order them separately.  Once you have decided which material is best for YOU, then you can reorder the desired footpad in the desired quantities, and in the desired material.

Felt Footpads

Felt can be applied directly to the s kin, shoe, or to an orthotic.  It is intended to re-distribute the weight and pressure off of the painful area and more uniformly to the non-painful areas.   The thickness of the felt is important.  In general 1/8” felt is best on the foot.  It is not advisable to get felt wet.  Our pads are best replaced daily, however multiple day use is possible.

Foam Footpads

Foam footpads can be used directly over painful areas of the foot. This is possible bec ause the foam is softer than felt.   The main purpose of foam is to cushion the painful area.


Moleskin serves as an excellent skin cover.  Its main purpose is as a anti-friction material.  It maintains its shape and is very thin.


Gel footpads provide extra cushioning. They can be placed like foam pads directly over painful areas.  They can also off-load painful areas like felt pads.  The purple gel products are self stic king and re-usable.

Footpads are easy to use!  They are a simple way to provide self treatment for those nagging foot problems.   Just get started.