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Turf Toe

Causes: Turf toe is a term used to describe a sprain of the first metatarsophalangeal (MTP) joint, which is a joint in the big toe. The most common cause of the spraining, or jamming, of this joint is impact from a contact injurt or sports. 

Symptoms: Turf toe injuries occur when the big toe is bent back forcefully. Over extension or hyper exten sion of the toe joint causes the fibers in the ligaments to tear. The injury can also damage the capsule that surrounds the joint in the toe and cause intense pain toward the midsection and bottom of the big toe and under the ball of the foot.


Prevention & Care: Use orthotics to help relieve toe joint pain. Orthotics include a wide range of inserts and wraps that help to limit range of motion and provide support to sprained toes. Dancer's pads are felt pads that fit right under the forefoot and help redistribute pressure away from your big toe as you step. A turf toe strap wraps around the toe and has a tail that runs along the bottom of the foot. Turf toe straps help limit the range of movement of the toe, which helps the toe rest and heal. Simple arch supports can also help by allowing you shift more weight to your heel as you walk because of the extra heel support orthotics provide.

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The information listed on is a recommend ation for Foot Care Guidelines and internet self-diagnosis treatment. If you are experiencing persistent pain, and symptoms that do not improve with treatment of a non-prescription product consult a podiatrist.  A foot doctor can correctly diagnose the condition and make appropriate recommendations. Dr. Mark T. Lewis, DPM