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Ingrown Nail

Causes: Ingrown nail is the more common term for the nail disease called onychocryptosis. This painful condition most often affects the big toe, when one or both sides of the nail press into the adjacent skin or the nail bed leading to inflammation. Unless early measures and proper care are taken, an ingrown toenail can lead to i nfection, in which case the affected toe or the base of the nail becomes swollen red, often times with pus and watery discharged tinged with blood.

Symptoms: When the skin surrounding your toenail tur ns red and swollen and starts causing you a lot of discomfort, it is probable that your toenail has grown into your toe. Chronic ingrown toenails require the services of a podiatrist.

Prevention & Care: Although some people are naturally prone to ingrown toenails, others get them due to improper nail grooming. A few simple changes in the way you clip and manicure your toenails will help you avoid ingrown toenails altogether.


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The information listed on is a recommendation for Foot Care Guidelines and internet self-diagnosis treatment. If you are experiencing persistent pain, and symptoms that do not improve with treatment of a non-prescription product consult a podiatrist.  A foot doctor can correctly diagnose the condition and make appropriate recommendations. Dr. Mark T. Lewis, DPM