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 Haglund's Deformity


Causes: Haglund's syndrome usually occurs in people with Haglund's deformity. People with high arches and those routinely wearing high-heeled shoes sometimes develop this condition, in which a bony protrusion grows on the back of the heel because of constant irritation to the Achilles tend on.

Symptoms: Symptoms of Haglund's syndrome include pain, swelling and redness at the back of the heel, along with a bump that can be seen and felt

Prevention & Care: An effective treatment is wearing backless shoes, such as sandals or clogs. When wearing shoes with a back, placing pads on the foot over the back of the heel can relieve pain. Arch supports or heel lifts may be prescribed to control foot movement.


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The information listed on is a recommendation for Foot Care Guidelines and internet s elf-diagnosis treatment. If you are experiencing persistent pain, and symptoms that do not improve with treatment of a non-prescription product and consult a podiatrist.  A foot doctor can correctly diagnose the condition and make appropriate recommendations. Dr. Mark T. Lewis, DPM