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Causes: Bunions are more likely caused by hyperpronation of the foot (arches that collapse and ankles that roll in).

Symptoms: Pushing off straight ahead with their first metatarsal and big toe, they push off with the second metatarsal across the big toe.  With every s tep, the big toe is pushed toward the second toe.  After years of walking this way, the joint finally gives way.

Prevention & Care: Reduce hyperpronation.  If done properly, your gait will change so that you will walk with less outward rotation of your feet which will reduce the sideways pressure on the big toe.  This will prevent the bunions from worsening, and it may appear reduced in size because of less irritation and swelling.  Several people with early onset bunions have reported them to reduce in size or even disappear because of improved gait mechanics. As with any quesions regarding foot care consult your doctor or check out


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The information listed on is a recommendation for Foot Care Guidelines and internet self-diagnosis treatment. If you are experiencing persistent pain, and symptoms that do not improve with treatment of a non-prescription product consult a podiatrist.  A foot doctor can correctly diagnose the condition and make appropriate recommendations. Dr. Mark T. Lewis, DPM